Jivan Jyot Sevabhavi Sanstha



Our Purpose

The purpose of the organization is mentioned below:

  • Creating an institute for the development of the society to the creative work for the rural areas of Zanate Sarvaguni.
  • To develop the question of fact, all Gunika small business training centers are established by the industry to help women of all industry to build an equal society.
  • To develop the music and art-related interest among the students, we have arranged some training courses in Samazahitaka Madhyamatuna.


  • To make every effort for the development of agriculture through the help of local farmers and local administration.
  • Implementation of Khadi and Village Industries and Rural Development projects in the question of developing Income Generation opportunities.
  • The development of the Organization and its members by applying different vocational training and skill development activities to work at the country level through the service.


  • For the overall development for the people of Zawahara, we make available employment opportunities in all agricultural development, forestry and horticulture, cultivation, arranging tours, camps and gatherings, seminars, etc. aggregated to move on away or back to give place.
  • House rural development for the child of Vikasahitaka, Pethamika house, High school, College and found all kinds of College, School of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Center, fertilizers, seed-Bo, insect repellent Puravine, technical, agricultural institution opening and running.
  • We are running an educational institution for the Adivasi child of Mulino, established an orphanage, collect opinions over child welfare, build a physical school, as well as to conduct all kinds of crafts class Casatigraha, daycare Calvin.


  • We want to provide women an opportunity to work for all types of development works in rural areas and Adivasi embodies the normal livelihood.
  • Sivannakala center is created to help women, do child care, prevent drug supply, and provide society Playground baseballs materials, library, and so on.
  • NABARD implementation of health programs in rural areas and all the family health center to conduct the project, Indian Lokadina program catchment area, the development of agriculture Bhazala and Samazika Kamekarane Razya government and central government grants from foreign institutions and other institutions Samazika question to accept loan plans Rabavinva.
  • Besides all of the above activities, we also look after the following matters like creating savings groups, teen development, agriculture and animal husbandry development, Child, arrange all activities including extermination and addiction, rehabilitation and Implementation of subsistence rights and housing plans.